How To Order

Q.How do I order from your website?

A. To place an order on our website click on an item you'd like to purchase and scroll down to where it says Add Item To My Cart, continue to do so until you are done shopping. Once you are done shopping click on CheckOut. If you are not already registered please enter your information and if you are already registered simply log in. Check the box that says you agree to our Terms & Conditions. If you have a coupon code enter the code under the Discount Coupon area. If you have a redeemed gift certificate enter the dollar amount of the gift certificate that you'd like to apply to this order in the RIGHT hand side under the gift certificate. Select your payment method, we accept PayPal, VISA and Master Card. Click Continue Checkout, review your order and click Confirm Your Order.

If you chose PayPal as your payment you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete your payment then once your payment has been completed you will be redirected back to our website from PayPal to a download page where you can download your order.

You may also pay with a credit card on the PayPal website without having to open an account with them.


Q. I received a Gift Certificate from your store, how do I use it?

A. When you receive a Gift Certificate you first need to redeem the certificate to be able to use it. To redeem the certificate go back to the email where you received the gift certificate and click on ‘click here to redeem’ link located near the bottom of the email. You will be brought to our website and will have to log in, once you log in you will see Congratulations you have redeemed a gift certificate worth $(the amount). You can then click continue and you have the option to shop or you can return at a later date to use the gift certificate. When you are ready to use the gift certificate you can shop as you usually do and during step 2 of 3 of the checkout you will see a box about half way down that says Gift Certificates and on the bottom RIGHT CORNER of the box it asks how much to redeem, enter $(the amount you wish to redeem) and it will deduct the amount from your order. Continue with the rest of your checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: When you go to redeem the gift certificate through the original email and if it says that the gift certificate is invalid or has already been redeemed then you already activated it and you will just need to enter the amount you wish to use in the gift certificate box during step 2 of 3 during your next checkout.