Trina Clark Graphics

You may use any of the graphics under this category for both personal and commerical use as long as credit is given back to us.

Trina has very generous and easy to follow terms of use and does NOT require any additional licenses for any type of use on items sold or for free :)

These graphics must be incorporated into something new that you've created yourself. In other words, they can't be re-sold AS the original graphics you receive within other graphic collections (including blank, uncustomized siggys and avatars, psp tubes, and formats that are transparent). This artwork may not be used in any type of mass production, and when using in digital scrapbook kits, they must be merged/flattened onto something else (such as a frame, tag, or background paper), or you may add a sticker border. Kits created for the purpose of resale should not contain more than 50% of the collection purchased (e.g. if a collection you purchase from me has 10 images, please only use 5 of those images per kit)